Orientation course: finding your way without papers in Antwerpen

Posted by Daniël Verhoeven

Source: Cursus Orientering mensen zonder papieren.

In January, Antwerps Minderhedencentrum de8 will organise a new course on ´How to find your way without papers in Antwerpen´. Especially for English speaking persons. During these four days (24th of January – 28th of January), we try to help you how to get more grip on things and change your future, even if you are without papers.

The first day, we talk about Belgium and about how things work here. The second day, we talk about Refugee and Foreigners Law, and about how to get papers in Belgium. And about what you can do if you don’t get papers. The third day is about housing and health care, and what your rights are, even if you are without papers. The forth day, we talk about how to get an education, income or work. And about how to get started to change your future.

This course is done in group sessions, which allow you to exchange ideas and experiences with other people without papers. The course is for free. At noon, we cook and eat together. As an annex with this e-mail, you find the flyer with more information.

Organised by:

de8 – Antwerps Minderhedencentrum


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