CAW Middenkust – Oostende will continue to receive undocumented people

Posted by Daniël Verhoeven

Source: Krant van West-Vlaanderen

In the near future hte CAW Middenkust will continue to receive transit migrants in need of some food or a shower. That has  been decided by the the Board of Directors of the CAW. In December, the CAW had a shelter for undocumented immigrants, but it was closed because the subsidy tap was turned off.

From now on they can return to the shelter Kwiedam in St Sebastian Street, a meeting place for disadvantaged people in the neighborhood. But this creates tensions and clashes between the two cultures.

The CAW has now decided to receive both groups at different times to allow the undocumented migrants in the morning and the Ostend underprivileged in the afternoon. Meanwhile the CAW is looking for a larger and more appropriate location for transit migrants.

More about  CAW Middenkust: WebsiteActivity, Location: St. Sebastiaanstraat 16 a  8400 Oostende, phone: 059/ 70 35 25


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