Abuse Work Permit B

Work Permits Arbeidskaarten

The Undocumented People in Ireland were not allowed to change employer with their  preliminary work permit. This is also one of the rules in Belgium. By this rule a lot of regularisations of Undocumented People  fail.

Once a workpermit B is granted, it should remain valid, even if an undocumented worker wants to change employer becuase he is offered a better job.

But the rules applicated when having a work permit B also inhibit  the choice for another employer when he is dishonest,  fraudulent or bullying his employees. This is the way undocumented and documented with a temporarily work permit are blackmailed.

During the last regulation period that started in 2009, Sans Papiers of Hand in Hand  Gent were confronted  also with several cases of blackmail to get  a work permit B. Next to that some applications failed due to the interference of  the regional WSE offices. Most blatant situation is the refusal of a work permit B to Liu from West-Vlaanderen, who has been staying in Belgium for 12 years now. He is still waiting a decision of  DVZ and fears to be expelled.

The Greenhouse case was one of the most blattant one’s also. Greenhouse tried to blackmail an Etheopian woman as wel as her supporting group.

We from ‘Shoulder to Shoulder‘  propose to make the abolition of that unfair rule to be one of the first campaigns to start up.

We will negociate about this campaign with, Hand in Hand Gent,  OR.C.A., the trade union ABVV , if possible also ACV, and the Link=Brusel of Collectief Werknemers Zonder Papieren, if possible also French speaking groups  and of course with the undocumented themselves.

If possible this will be a joint campaign, if not we wil do it by ourselves together with the undocumented people.

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