Undocumented Stories

News en Updates Witnesses Telling their own stories

Why tell your stroy? The simple answer is: “Because the silenced should be heard”. The more complicated answer is that by telling your story you get in contact with other people, you take part in a community. You can share your story and find together the common interests you have with others, having told their story too. That way telling your story is a start to work in a community with others for a better future for yourself and your friends. People that unite gain force and become stronger. They can really make a difference. This will be the seed that will grow in Social Change.

Get organized. Mensen zonder Papieren is a partner in organizing Undocumented Labor Migrants in fighting for Social Justice. We are  working For Justice, Empowerment And Equality For Migrant Workers.

This Story Blog is one of three integrated Blogs of Mensen zonder Papieren/Sans Papiers/ Undocumented Workers connected by one menu where you can reach all three of them. One is about Analysis mainly used for analysis of the situation of Sans Papiers in Belgium. It’s working language is Dutch but we wil try to translate as many articles as posible in English on this Stories blog that also serves as an multilingual exchange. Another blog is about News. The working language is Dutch.

And at last this blog you are on in this moment is intended  to write  stories of Sans-Papiers by Sans-Papiers and serves also as multilingual exchange.  The working language of this blog is English. If Sans Papiers or ex-Sans Papiers are interested in working as a citizen journalist, we will help them to work as a journalists and give them access. Just ask.

Mensen zonder Papieren  encourage Undocumented Migrants to tell their stories on the Net. Many Undocumented people live in pain and misery. In Europe they do not have access to fundamental Human rights since none of the rich countries has ratified the International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families adopted by the United Nations See http://www2.ohchr.org/english/law/pdf/cmw.pdf

Hand in Hand Gent on the First May 2010

Mensen zonder Papieren subscribes this Convention in their Vision declaration  and it’s Ethical Code guarantees complete anonymity to all undocumented migrants, even if they tell their stories on the Net. The aim of the organisation is that the voices of the Undocumented people should be heard.

This system is about (1) interactivity, interactividad, interactivité, interactiviteit. (2) It’s a Small Social Semantic web and information system for Sans Papiers and their supports.


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